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In our episode entitled, "How to Learn what Artist Managers look for in Artists". MUBUTV's Ritch Esra sits down with Nick Jarjour, Artist Manager with Maverick Artist Management. They discuss many topics including; What is the actual role of an Artist Manager today and how has it changed? What are the specific NON CREATIVE qualities and personal characteristics that are most important to Nick when deciding to sign a client? When does an artist, songwriter or producer actually need management? How much time do you spend with a client before agreeing to sign them? What are the most important qualities in potential managers who want to work for him?

Questions asked during video:

0:00 - Intro

0:56 - In your mind, what is the role of an artist manager in the business today?

1:34 - Do you find that managers today have more power than they used to, in terms of the marketplace the way that it is now?

2:01 - In your opinion, when do you feel that an artist or a songwriter or a needs management?

2:59 - When you’re considering taking on a new artist that whose music you loved whose talent you really have fallen for, what are the personal characteristics that you’re looking for non-creative, non-musical? Let’s say, this might be somebody that I’m interested in doing a relationship with in management or this is not for me?

5:12 - Given that that’s what your criteria is, how much time do you take when you’re gonna consider a new client,which time you take working with and getting to know them in relation to these qualities before you say let’s pull the trigger?

6:16 - You’re taking on young managers to work in your company. They are obviously a little different than an artist, it’s not the same elements. What kinds of things are you looking for and talent that you might be looking to bring into your company from the management end?

9:47 - Talk about the clients you have. You deal specifically in the world of songwriters, record producers. Are some of your clients also on the artist side or on the writer side or are you focusing primarily on the creative writing producing side?

12:35 - I came across a video where you were speaking to a group at a conference and you spoke about a concept called mental Wi-Fi. If you could speak to us about that?

15:05 - You deal with a lot of artists, you deal with a lot of songwriters and producers. What do you feel being on the front lines, is the greatest challenge that artists and producers and songwriters and creatives in general face today?

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Shot on location at: W Hotel (Hollywood, California)

Original Air Date: November 14, 2018

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How to Learn what Artist Managers look for in Artists - Nick Jarjour - Maverick - MUBUTV

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