#136108: Dylan O'Brien Girlfriends List (Dating History)

Dylan O'Brien is a popular American actor, who got his army of fans after the TV series Teen Wolf and the main role in the science fiction movie The Maze Runner. A lot of girls want to be a part of Dylan O'Brien's list of girlfriends. So, let’s see whether the actor is single or his heart belongs to someone already. Here’s detailed information about Dylan’s loves and hookups.
Britt Robertson
Dylan met actress Britt Robertson on the set of The First Time in 2011. Straight at that moment, they fell in love and started a romantic relationship. Not much is known about when or how they made it official, but O'Brien was spotted on the set of Robertson's 2013 film, Tomorrowland, in Vancouver. After that, all fans of the actor had no doubt that they were dating. Engagement rumors began to circulate about the two when Robertson's Instagram account was hacked in 2017. The hacker posted a picture of O'Brien with the caption about the engagement. After a few hours, the picture was taken down, and Robertson confirmed she had been hacked. At the beginning of 2018, everyone started talking about the couple’s split. It happened because they were not seen in public together for a long time. O'Brien added fuel to the fire when he was spotted with another girl on an alleged date in Los Angeles. It was Chloë Grace Moretz. Unfortunately, even the longest relationships can come to an end. While neither O'Brien nor Robertson has addressed the split, it's been speculated that both O'Brien and Robertson might already be seeing other people. If they remained a couple, they definitely learned how to keep everything as private as possible.
Chloë Grace Moretz.
It was rumored that O'Brien and Moretz were secretly dating. He supposedly split from Robertson in 2018 and Moretz ended her relationship with Brooklyn Beckham earlier that year. The two were spotted having a date and then leaving a nightclub together. They were photographed entering another bar shortly after that. It could have been an expression of close friendship, but it looked very suspicious. Furthermore, O'Brien once said that Moretz was a very attractive woman for him and he had a crush on her in 2011.
Sarah Ramos
When Dylan joined Sarah Ramos in her Instagram series, all of his fans started discussing his new possible romance. However, a little later it became known that there was nothing romantic between the two.
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