#135907: Call of the Wild - Official Trailer (2009)

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When nine year-old city girl, Ryan Hale visits her Grandpa in a small Montana town, she doesn't like it one bit. It's cold, the people are crazy and there's no mall! Her attitude changes when she finds a wounded, wild dog and makes some new friends. Can she and Buck (the dog) win the big dog sledding race, or will Buck hear the Call of the Wild?

"Call of the Wild" is a modern-day story incorporating elements of Jack London's classic short novel. Christopher Lloyd stars as a recently widowed man living in Montana who takes his young granddaughter, Ryann, in for several weeks while her parents are out of the country. When a wild dog shows up injured on the back porch one night, Ryann wants to take him back to Boston as a pet, but her grandfather knows the animal will eventually have to return to the wild. To help his granddaughter understand, he begins to read her Jack London's "Call of the Wild" each night, but Ryann has ideas of her own, and helps a local boy train the magnificent animal to become a sled dog leader.

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